Monday, March 21, 2011

Hall Pass Movie Review & Updates

Hi Lovlies... been so busy lately~ & I am faced with so many decisions... I am going crazy! I could just ignore all those things and keep everything the same & continue my life.. but I guess the smart/mature way is to actually think everything through and make a decision on either staying the same or if I should make some changes? Aiii decision sux sometimes! Because it is so hard to make one!

As for movie reviews...Yesterday I watched the movie “ Hall Pass” I thought it was just another dumb movie, but I think it was better than I thought!

It does have some nudity for both male n female.. but overall it’s not too much of a ‘sex” movie and for those who cheat and when they cheated are less predictable than I thought. I always thought Owen Wilson’s movies are no brainer and funny. This one is really no different, but I thought it was better than Hang Over, which was all about nudity and extremely dumb scenarios. This one I think is more realistic, when a guy is given a week off his marriage, what will he really do? 

Overall I give the movie : 3.5 stars. I think it’s difficult for a comedy to receive a lot of stars from me, because of the simple plot. However, I do like comedy, if you do, you should watch it =) 

What will you do if you’re given a week off your marriage/relationship? 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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