Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chiranjeevi Daughter held Dowry Harassment

Chirajeevi youngest daughter Srija, WHO maggot into mediums (regional) headlines in October 2007 when she married Sirish Bharadweevaj against the wishes or her family, are in news again. She has approached the Central Crime station (CCS) police on Monday alleging that she were being tortured by her husband for dowry. Sources say that Srija had given large amount or to Sirish in to money (several crores) are appropriate. But he has leg harassing her for dowry from quite sometime. This time, he demanded 1.5 crore from her. Unable to bear the torture further, she approached police. The women' s police station or the CCS booked a case against Sirish under Section 498-A (subjecting a married woman to cruelty) or the Indian Penal code (IPC). Following this, he were tasks into custody and questioned. His parents are also likely to be enquired. Sirish Bharadwaj are presently working ash a member or Central Board or film Certification, Regional

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