Friday, March 18, 2011

Kodi Punju

 The shooting of the `Kodi Punju directed by BVV Choudary and produced by S Bujjibabu on the banner of the cinemas of Sri Sailendra with Tanish, Sobhana and Roja in the s' main roles; attacks above at sharp intervals. To speak about l' occasion, the said producer, `our film had all d' kinds; elements of mass of masala and is very placed for a commercial blow. Currently our unit is at Palakole on an external growth. We envisage d' to carry out the formalities of shooting for April 22. Currently, we envisage of chor√©graphier four songs for film during the same program. Sobhana makes its beginning with this film. ' The said director, `that j' try my the best to give a different image to Tanish with this film. L' Roja actress of veteran depicts a dynamic role called Daggubati Sitaratnam. In l' one-way, its character would be the culminating point of film. ' DS Rao presents the flick.

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