Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Beauty Resolutions on the NBC 10! Show

Good day, miladies! This morning, I made another appearance on the NBC 10! Show.

I love that they post the videos online so that - whether or not you live in Philadelphia - I can share my beauty tips and product picks with all of my spoiled pretties.

In this morning's segment, I named five common beauty resolutions for the new year and featured fabulous products (from MAC, CoverGirl, GO SMiLE, Dermalogica and NARS) that will help you keep those resolutions.

Give it a looksee...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Black Swan Movie Review

The Black Swan. I thought about watching this movie when I knew it's staring Natalie Portman without even know what it is about! I love Natalie Portman, I think she's a great actress & So beautiful! She gone totally bald for the movie " V" and was still so beautiful!

So I actually watched the movie without seeing the pre-view so I didn't know what the movie was going to be about. The movie doesn't 'explain' why things happen even till the end. Usually  I wouldn't like vague movies 'cause it would seem there is no beginning or ending. However, I was quite pleased with the movie overall. Without thinking, the movie can seem confusing, but actually I think it just shows the inner emotions and expressions literally on screen. 

This is a triller/drama movie that is not focus about the art of ballet, instead it's about Nina ( Natalie Portman) performing the " black swan". Since she's naturally a perfect " white swan", her only challenge was to perfection the black swan & it literally came to life! I rate this movie 4.5 stars, a movie that I would watch again because of it's double meaning in many things, I could be missing somethings the first time I watched it. 

Are you going to watch it? 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

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Monday, December 27, 2010

My Beauty Diary Mask Review

hihi. Sorry for the lack of post... I got myself addicted to "Nip/Tuck" over the Christmas weekend ! haha.. In case you don't know it... it's full of drama about these 2 plastic surgeons & there is plenty of sex scenes in every episode. Although, it is still television, so no flashes of private parts, don't worry.. but there is a lot of everything else.. ...

Oh yeah, the mask review, I was thinking to do it after I use the mask for a couple more weeks~ but since I already said in my previous post's replies that I am going to post a review right away~ I already felt guilty enough that I delayed it for the entire weekend! ha. ^^" 

The mask I used was the red wine mask. It's suppose to " whiten, tighten, and have anti-aging effects. " I put the mask on for 30 minutes, afterwards I took it off I feel my skin was smooth and actually felt tighten too! I actually didn't really expect to feel anything since it's only my first try~ so I was pretty happy that i felt the tightening effect ^_^! I don't think the tightening was long lasting though, but I expect the product only to work after a period of regular use. ( also, since I am still quite young, I don't see how everyone can feel strong tightening effects after one mask right?)

 So if I am wrong, & that it's suppose to work right away for a couple of days to a week, let me know!  The packet I have includes all different kinds of masks but most mask include whitening, which is exactly what I want~ So in the future if I do see some changes I will let you know! 

However, currently I am also starting to use the whitening product: 

Dr. Ci: Labo: Super White 377
I received this as my Christmas Present! haha.. I am pretty happy... since I been wanting to tried it, just didn't have a guts to buy them ( even b4 the accident, I'm a cheapo to myself.. haha.. bad! ) But yeah, since I am also using this, I don't know if my future review for the mask whitening will be accurate or not, but if I see effects for anything else, I will let you know! 

So how is everyone doing? What masks do you use? 

 There is still no net for me at work... haha.. suxies.. 

xoxo hitomineko xoxo 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vote For Westley!

My sweetie, Westley, is a finalist in a photo contest at Please take a moment and vote for him. Thanks so much!

Stay pretty,
Daneen :)

Merry Christmas Everyone =)

Hihi <3 

Sorry that I didn't post the last couple of days ~ the lack of net at work is killing me.. ha..  So has everyone had a good weekend? I myself went to my friends for a little Xmas Party. & I got a box of  My Beauty Diary Masks during White Elephant Gift Exchange!!

For those of you who are not sure what is " What Elephant Gift Exchange" : 
1) Depends on how many people are playing, put the numbers on pieces of paper. ( 10 ppl, 10 pieces). 
2) Fold the pieces together and have each person randomly pick a number
3) The person with #1 goes first to choose a gift from the pile and open it. 
4) Person #2 gets to choose either to steel first person's gift or choose another gift to open ~ & so on. 
5) If one's gift got stolen, one can choose another gift to open. 
6) Each gift can only be stolen 2 times ( or more depends on how many people are playing)

So yeah, it was actually my first time playing this game, it's quite fun & cheaper since you only have to bring one gift, instead of a gift for each person~~~ ( like I used to in HS.. ooo.. but of course it's a great feeling to have many gifts under my Xmas Tree..haha) 

So I am excited for my Masks.. I been wanting to test this brand forever but never got to buy it.. hehe ^^ hopefully it works well ~

Merry Christmas Everyone <3 <3

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

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Spoiled Pretty Featured in Woman's World Magazine!

If you pick up the latest issue of Woman's World (Paula Deen is the cover girl) and turn to page 42...BAM! There I am!

Seriously, though...I am beyond flattered that the magazine asked me to participate in their You Deserve The Best column, which features product picks from "in-the-know experts."

Women's World asked me to name the best candles, and they included a quote about one of my faves from Yankee Candle. Click the image above to read why I love it so.

Here are some other luminaries that love:

Shampure Soy Wax Candle by Aveda: It might be a stretch to call Aveda’s Shampure Candle the best-smelling candle of all time, considering that I've only been on this earth to judge for 32 years. But I'm going to give it that title anyway because I dare someone to find me one more wonderfully fragrant. Its calming aroma of 25 pure flower and plant essences, which reminds me of a trip to the spa, helps me to unwind at the end of the day. This candle smells so good, I want to petition Aveda to create a body wash, lotion, perfume and deodorant in the same scent (they already have a Shampure shampoo and conditioner). It’s that good!

Godiva Home Fragrance Collection: Last year, Godiva unveiled a new way for chocoholics, like me, to get their fix. The Godiva Home Fragrance Collection included five scented candles (Milk Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Ganache, White Chocolate Magnolia, Peppermint Bark, Black Almond Truffle) of deep chocolate-colored wax infused with cocoa butter. Unfortunately, these mouth-watering candles were limited-edition and they don't really sell them anymore...not really sure why, considering they are AMAZING! Anyway, I recently did some Internet sleuthing and located some at (they just sold out there, but you can also purchase at They make the perfect holiday gift, so I snatched up a few - and I'm giving them to the wonderful teachers at Westley's daycare to thank them for taking such great care of my baby.

Bougie Candle: I recently discovered Bougie Candle, a wonderful collection of seven candles made with all natural soy wax that is free of any genetically modified materials, dyes, herbicides or pesticides. And because they are scented with essential oils, the candles provide aromatherapeutic benefits. My favorite is Nurture, a blend of vanilla and ylang ylang that has calming properties.

Do you have a favorite candle? I'm always on the hunt to try new things, so share your faves in the comments section below.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

$2 Urban Decay Sale at HauteLook!

OMG...OMG...OMG. Mark your calendar and set your alarm. Tomorrow, a selection of Urban Decay products will go on sale at And get this...everything will be priced at $2! That's right, I just found out via Twitter*:

@UrbanDecay411: It's true - we're hitting HauteLook with a mindblowing $2 Sale - everything will be $2 (yes, we mean brushes too!)

The Urban Decay sale starts at 11am ET.

If you're not already a member of HauteLook, I highly suggest that you join right now - so you're signed up and ready to shop when the sale kicks off on Monday. $2 Urban Decay products won't last longer than a hot minute, so don't be tardy for this party!

*Speaking of Twitter, follow me (I'm @spoiledpretty) for the latest beauty news and best product reviews.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Day Post !

hihi <3

Today I was not able to have any net service for the WHOLE DAY. 'cause my office is moving n there's no net... so I was super bored for the whole day while I wait for the guys do all the work.. lol.. sorry.. I'm a girl.. can't do any heavy lifting ok?!    = ='''

So you know those games that comes with the computer? For the longest time I always think they're a joke, because they're BORING. & no one plays with them, except old people who don't really know how to use the computer/internet. ( Although I recently discover that many older people are learning to use the net now, like the skype and stuff. Way to save money without long distance phone calls!)

Today was different.. I am GRATEFUL for those boring computer games... or else I really don't know what would happen to my brain... I was not prepared for no net & nth to do for the whole day ( about 11 hours... 'cause the whole thing took way more time than expected, and the move is not over yet!) Of course... I could have gone home on time.. except I don't have a car...........

Games I played today: 

Finding Item puzzle game 

So yeah, I had to wait.. but it's ok, at the end we got some free food for all the 'hard work" we did... ( Well, everyone else actually work really hard because I am the only girl in the office.. haha, but hey.. I did everything else that I was suppose to do other than all the heavy lifting!!! )

I think I am gonna fix my car soon.. I don't know how long it's going to take to fix it... Please Pray for me that my car will b fixed ok..... <3 Thank you!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

bridalplasty tv review

I have almost the same post in both xanga and blogger ( currently my blogger have more post than xanga) but it is interesting that the same post can have so many response in one blog while the other have barely nothing! haha.. I don't know why. I guess each blog have different readers?

Well I just posted about " the asian kardashian" on xanga and got a lot of responses that's mostly plastic surgery related so I thought I make a review on bridalplasty; a show about plastic surgery and weddings! 

This show is new and I think I saw about 2 Ep's. At first I thought only the final winner gets the plastic surgery and the wedding, but I guess as it turns out, everyone have a chance at the plastic surgery as a challenge winner. Like other shows, every Ep will eliminate one bride, the last bride will win the " perfect wedding" 

To me I guess I feel like plastic surgery is more important, because it will physically change myself and it's not really reversible ( I mean I guess it can but you have to go through surgery again and everything). Plus you will stare at it EVERYDAY. As for weddings, yes you remember your wedding day but it's just ONE DAY & you're not going to see it or remember it every second of your life after it's over! 

Personally, I don't really like watching those reality shows where people are in competition to win something while they talk shit about each other.. It's kinda stupid, but this show kinda lures me into watching it because of the things that I would want from it: plastic surgery and a perfect wedding! Therefore, the most interesting things to me are not the events or challenges in the show, but just the results of the plastic surgeries! So I wouldn't really recommend this show to you, unless you like this type of reality shows. 

So if you have the chance to get free plastic surgery and dream wedding, would you join the show? 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

Beauty Bloggers For Charity

This holiday season, shop some pretty products that make you more beautiful - inside and out... is the collaboration of almost 50 beauty bloggers (I'm one!) and brands. In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to make a meaningful contribution to charity - knowing that the most effective donation to any charity is cash.

So we’re putting our makeup on the auction block. Covetable items include products from Aveda, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Caudalie, Chanel, China Glaze, CoverGirl, Dior, Essie, Estee Lauder, Giorgio Armani, Lancome, MAC, OPI, Philosophy, Stila, Tarte, Urban Decay and many more!

Winning bids will be donated directly to Doctors Without Borders. is the brainchild of fellow blogger and swatch queen, Karla Sugar. "We’re raising money for Doctors Without Borders because women are always disproportionately affected in any disaster. This organization is committed to bringing quality medical care to people in crisis, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. They treat rape victims in Papua New Guinea; they make sure women don’t die in childbirth in Pakistan; they helped flood victims in Mexico and earthquake victims in Haiti. They work in 65 countries around the world, and your donation will make an immediate impact."

The auction is live now, and will close on Monday, December 20 at 5 pm CST.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Revitalizing Spa Kit Giveaway!

After a long hiatus, Spoiled Pretty is back on the giveaway train. This week, I'm partnering with P&G Beauty and Grooming and we're gifting five readers with The Winter Revitalizing Spa Kit. Available at WalMart, it's an affordable gift option for anyone on your list.
The Winter Revitalizing Spa Kit gives even the most hectic hostess some much needed holiday season R&R. Turn your home into a pampering paradise with a Fabreeze Noticeables Candle, comfy slippers, Olay Ribbons Body Wash and Olay Quench Body Lotion. Housed in a reusable bath caddy, the kit also comes with a special gift for you or the beauty fanatic in your life – a year’s subscription to Allure!

Enter to win by leaving a message in the comments section. Make sure to leave your email or another way for me to get in touch, just in case you get lucky!

Contest is open to U.S. residents. The giveaway ends at noon (EST) on Wednesday, December 22, 2010. Good luck!

The Goods: Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Your resident cosmetics connoisseur is back contributing beauty product picks to The Goods, Philadelphia Magazine's shopping newsletter. My latest roundup features stocking stuffers to give and to ho...ho...hoard. Enjoy!

To stay in-the-know and receive The Goods in your inbox, subscribe today!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dream Cars Auto Show

Hey everyone, I was not sure if I should do another movie review or not... since I been doing so many "review" posts lately, I thought I should post something different!

So I decided to share some Auto Show photos~ that I took in the previous month. I took hundreds of pictures... but I don't think I will share all of them! ( will take me too long to edit..) So I will just pick some of my favorites... ^^

What type of cars are you into? When was the last time you went to an auto show? ^_^

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Zettai Kareshi Absolute Boyfriend Japanese Drama Review

I was on Xanga and came across this post about realistic sex dolls. People are comparing it to real woman with pros and cons. Obviously, the main difference is one is alive and can take care of you while a doll may be able to satisfy one sexually but that's about the only good thing with it. ( There are also male dolls too) This just reminds me of a Japanese drama I watched a while back ( I can't remember when, I know I did a Xanga post on it but it was on my old xanga so I won't look for it).

So this drama is not a " sexy" drama, it's a cute romantic drama. The reason I bought this up is 'cause the main male character is suppose to be Robot. He is made to be a " perfect boyfriend". He will satisfy all your needs and wants according to your personally! 

Of course, he is made as " real life" as can be so others will not know he's a robot. In this case I wonder if people still have the same opinions with " sex dolls"; if they can actually take care of you and everything, does that make it okay and less creepy? 

Overall this was a pretty good drama. I think most Japanese drama are not very long, it runs and doesn't drag; same goes with this drama. Though I sometimes wish Japanese drama can last longer, 'cause I hate it when it ends! I definitely recommend this show if you have not watched it. It's a romantic drama but have some extra spice in it for it's unique plot! 

If there is a robot made to be your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, would you ever consider dating it? 

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The Town Movie Review

I started to watch this movie without even noticing who's in it. Soon realize it was starting Ben Affleck & I thought " Yay, must be a good movie!" Later, I learned that it is also directed by Ben! This is a crime movie but it doesn't involve too much high tech stuff. Everything is pretty straight forward but still keeps your attention throughout the film. I think the only thing I didn't find very realistic is the romance between the main characters. But that didn't really spoiled the movie until the very last bit... it made it a little unrealistic.

If you like Blake Lively, she's also in this film but she's not the main role. I rate this movie 4.5 stars. It is a little big long but definitely worth watching ^^ PS. there is a little nudity but pretty avoidable if you're not into that.

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