Monday, December 13, 2010

Zettai Kareshi Absolute Boyfriend Japanese Drama Review

I was on Xanga and came across this post about realistic sex dolls. People are comparing it to real woman with pros and cons. Obviously, the main difference is one is alive and can take care of you while a doll may be able to satisfy one sexually but that's about the only good thing with it. ( There are also male dolls too) This just reminds me of a Japanese drama I watched a while back ( I can't remember when, I know I did a Xanga post on it but it was on my old xanga so I won't look for it).

So this drama is not a " sexy" drama, it's a cute romantic drama. The reason I bought this up is 'cause the main male character is suppose to be Robot. He is made to be a " perfect boyfriend". He will satisfy all your needs and wants according to your personally! 

Of course, he is made as " real life" as can be so others will not know he's a robot. In this case I wonder if people still have the same opinions with " sex dolls"; if they can actually take care of you and everything, does that make it okay and less creepy? 

Overall this was a pretty good drama. I think most Japanese drama are not very long, it runs and doesn't drag; same goes with this drama. Though I sometimes wish Japanese drama can last longer, 'cause I hate it when it ends! I definitely recommend this show if you have not watched it. It's a romantic drama but have some extra spice in it for it's unique plot! 

If there is a robot made to be your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, would you ever consider dating it? 

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