Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gut Feelings

Hi everyone. I am still depressed but I think blogging can be a type of therapy? Especially since I have some readers, I feel like I am actually talking to people. =) . Well today I am going to talk about Gut feelings. What are they? & why do we feel it?

I know not everyone believe in God but I think everyone somehow believes in gut feelings? Every time before something horrible happens to me I had a feeling that I shouldn’t do something; like going to a certain location. However, there is no logical reason at the moment that I have to explain to myself: WHY? Why can’t I go? So I went, and something horrible happens, like an accident.

So I been told that it was an accident and I shouldn’t feel bad or sad over it and just be happy that I am physically ok. And I am grateful for my well being, but I can’t help to feel very stupid. Before the accident I had a gut feeling that I shouldn’t go to a certain place, but I had no logical reason to stop myself from going. So I went…

Personally I believe in God and I believe he was warning me, but I didn’t listen. This is not the first time something horrible happens because I didn’t listen to my gut feeling. What’s worse is that this is also not the first time I decide I need to listen to my gut feeling more. How did I forget? I don’t know. I need to figure out a way to remind myself that more often.

You have any tips on it? Do you listen to your gut feelings?

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