Friday, December 10, 2010

The Asian Kardashian?

Lately I notice there is a new girl ( new to me anyway) in TW. 徐至琦 ( sorry I have not find out her english name yet, if any)

I think she kinda look alike Kim Kardashian with black hair. 

look like Japanese barbie with light hair.. 

she was a former beauty queen winner I think and have beautiful face and big boobs. I think compare to US, her boobs are probably average to large but not huge. Although personally I think it is a pretty perfect size. As usual, people in Asia would always ask if it's real and stuff. 

Being asked to check her boobs by a lady reporter 2 see if it's real. 

I think she looks really pretty although a little fake in personality when I see her on TV. I don't know if it's her real personality or it's 'cause the obvious jealousy from everyone else makes her uncomfortable?

being attacked on TV

What happen when she switch clothes with smaller boob celebs.

People accusing her of trying to get attention by wearing too reveling clothing on purpose. 

Well, do you think she's pretty enough for you to feel defensive around her? Do you feel threaten by pretty girls? 

Read the story, please help & spread the words. 

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