Thursday, December 16, 2010

bridalplasty tv review

I have almost the same post in both xanga and blogger ( currently my blogger have more post than xanga) but it is interesting that the same post can have so many response in one blog while the other have barely nothing! haha.. I don't know why. I guess each blog have different readers?

Well I just posted about " the asian kardashian" on xanga and got a lot of responses that's mostly plastic surgery related so I thought I make a review on bridalplasty; a show about plastic surgery and weddings! 

This show is new and I think I saw about 2 Ep's. At first I thought only the final winner gets the plastic surgery and the wedding, but I guess as it turns out, everyone have a chance at the plastic surgery as a challenge winner. Like other shows, every Ep will eliminate one bride, the last bride will win the " perfect wedding" 

To me I guess I feel like plastic surgery is more important, because it will physically change myself and it's not really reversible ( I mean I guess it can but you have to go through surgery again and everything). Plus you will stare at it EVERYDAY. As for weddings, yes you remember your wedding day but it's just ONE DAY & you're not going to see it or remember it every second of your life after it's over! 

Personally, I don't really like watching those reality shows where people are in competition to win something while they talk shit about each other.. It's kinda stupid, but this show kinda lures me into watching it because of the things that I would want from it: plastic surgery and a perfect wedding! Therefore, the most interesting things to me are not the events or challenges in the show, but just the results of the plastic surgeries! So I wouldn't really recommend this show to you, unless you like this type of reality shows. 

So if you have the chance to get free plastic surgery and dream wedding, would you join the show? 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

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