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Makeup Mondays With Mario: Long Lashes Undermining Your Mascara?

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is answering your burning beauty questions!!! Every Monday, he will answer a beauty/skin care question as part of a weekly column on Spoiled Pretty, Makeup Mondays with Mario.

Hi Mario!

First and foremost, I'm an epic fan of your work! The advice you give is extremely helpful. So, I was hoping that you could help me out with one particular struggle I have with applying makeup. I have a problem with mascara. My makeup looks hot when I leave the house but 2 hours later I get mascara smudges right below my eyebrows! I don’t know what to do. I have tried every single brand of mascara you can possibly think of! When I go to MAC or any counter they say to use a good primer and this and that and they sell it to me. I use it and still get the smudges. What do you recommend? Or am I stuck with my super long eyelashes and carrying my 224 brush everywhere I go?


Hi Amanda,

Thanks so much. The mascara smudges right below your brows are a result of oily eyelids. I’m sure there are a lot of women reading this and wishing they had your "issue," LOL.  As the day progresses, your eyelids begin to produce more oils and your lashes are smudging on the lid because oils break down and melt makeup. I say you stick with your preferred waterproof mascara and try applying a mattyfying cream to your T-zone and also to the area around the brows. I like Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel by Peter Thomas Roth.  Follow with a dab of oil-free concealer or foundation and then seal the deal with a translucent setting powder. Instead of using a brush to apply the powder, use a damp sponge and press it onto the skin. Sweep away the access powder with a clean blending brush. Try Luminous Translucent Loose Powder by Motives Cosmetics. This technique will help with creating a barrier between oily skin and mascara. If your skin and mascara are both dry to the touch, there will be no more mess!  

Thanks for visiting Makeup Mondays with Mario!


Got a question for Mario? Email your makeup and skin care queries to, and check back next Monday to read Mario's expert advice!

Worst Nickname TAG & Giving Thanks

 everyone ^^ did you had a crazy weekend for black Friday?
I sort of did, but I am sure many of you did crazier things. All I did was shopping in the mall for 12 hours but I didn’t get that many things!! Seriously!  I think I will do some review on the products I got from black Friday soon. ^^ but first, I got tagged on my Xanga site to do a blog about my most ridiculous nicknames, so here it is :

1)      Bomb hair girl – When I was younger, it was harder for me to make friends. When I am at church, I usually stick with my brother ( who doesn’t like me to stick with him, haha) & one day I discover that he and all his friends have this secret paper that they don’t want me to see and they were laughing about it. So all day I was trying to find a way to see the paper and when I finally did, it was a drawing of me with “bomb” hair. (Which for asians at the time meant I was messy n ugly) I feel pretty sad that these older kids find the need to make fun of a little girl (me- about 4-6 years old?! can’t remember haha)
OK.. but no this is HOT BOMB HAIR ^^
2)      Ugly Girl – I don’t know if I was ever really ugly, of course according to my family I always had been pretty ( most of the time) but at school, there are mean girls and they like to make fun of me, simply because I was not as wealthy as them. I hope all mean girls out there know that you might feel superior by bullying others but at the end you are the ugly one because you are hideous at heart (unless you change your ways). ( elementary school)
* no comment *
3)      Retarded- This is not really a nickname I guess, but I was called it by a teacher one time, in front of my face because I just immigrate to USA and couldn’t speak English well. I guess she assume I am retarded because I can’t always respond to her questions… well I hope someday she knows that she is the retarded one. First, it's extremely unprofessional for her to say that to anyone. Second, since we always learn language by listening prior to speaking, I understood everything she said. ( elementary school)
I think this is about it, for all the mean nicknames I received. It’s all long time ago and of course I am way passed it but it’s still in my memory. I hope it’s rarer for adults to receive such nicknames because we’re all grown up now and there is no reason to belittle others for any reason. & as for the kids, I hope they understand that it will only bring them trouble. Either with teacher, parents or themselves, ( for people of anyage) even if no one caught you bullying or calling other bad names, think about the person you are becoming. (<-- which is nothing good and nothing you want your kids to become)
Since it was just thanksgiving, I just want to say a few thanks ^^
·         I am thankful for all my readers! Even though I don’t have that many but all your comments always make me feel happy and motivates me to blog more ^^
·         I am thankful for my family. With family, there’s always the good and the bad, but at the end I still have to be thankful. Without them, I would not exist!
·         I am thankful for my knowledge and talents. Sometimes people take knowledge & talents for granted… Yes we learn ourselves, but we should be thankful for the opportunities to learn it, not everyone has it!
·         I am thankful for this holiday, not every country celebrates Thanksgiving. Even though Christmas is my favorite holiday, a lot of time people think of themselves on Christmas instead of serving others. On Thanksgiving, the only thing you can think about is serving and giving which is the most selfless thing in the world. ^^

So obviously I can go on forever on my thankful list, but I will end here. I am tagging a few people to do the “ Worst nickname list Blog.”

Hope to see some interesting stories from you too ^^

PS: Stay tuned for possible future blogs: Product reviews & GiveAways!!!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Victoria Secret's 2010 Fashion Show !

Hello! I seem just bits of Victoria Secret's fashion show long time ago, I never got to see the whole show. This time, I plan to see it! I mean it'll probably show a lot of things that I won't buy.. but isn't that what fashion show is all about?! lolz fantasies?!?!


VS models

My fav VS model: Adriana ! She's so sexy!

I am excited ! * Marking calendar * Are you going to watch it ?

( PS Happy Thxgiving !! <3<3<3<3<3)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Married to Rock: TV Show Review

I love watching E! Channel, for all the gossip and sometimes the Hollywood murder stuff! I realized that this channel got me addict to some reality show too, which before I never like watching ‘cause I find them unrealistic. I think Married to Rock is a new show, so I checked it out, yesterday I watch it for the second time, IDK what ep it was. But let me just tell you about the pro and cons.
Cons: It’s probably not a very appropriate show to watch with your love ones. By that I mean your parents or your SO. Yesterday’s Ep consists of one of the wives making a real life size doll of herself and send it off to her hubby. Which I guess is a fine idea, but the rest of the EP shows some images that seriously look like/is  porno with that pretty real looking doll...& I know many of us watch porn with SO, However, I am talking about television, where it is suppose to be appropriate for the general public.. not porn… O & I also find it interesting how the blur outs techniques are less advance now than before because even with all the blurs, I can still see everything!

Made a doll of herself. I say she looks like a doll herself...

Pros: Mmm well I guess you get to see what it’s like being married to a rock star?!? …although I really don’t know any of the man & don’t find them attractive at all… as for the ladies, I don’t find them very beautiful either… I guess there is just too much makeup ( and fake boobs?).
who looks most beautiful? Sorry i can't tell the difference between the 2nd and 4th girl ( from left) but first is Josie ( doll lady) and 3rd is Etty, which personally I find most beautiful so far. & I am not being bias just cuz i'm asian !
today is the last day to vote for me by listening to my song! ( I think, since today is the last day to enter contest ~~Multiple hits very appreciated!) Very thankful for all your help! <3

Get Party Perfect With P&G Beauty and Grooming

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Monday, November 22, 2010


Hey Everyone ^^ I got tagged for an : I LOVE YOUR BLOG INTERVIEW!! from Vikki ! Thanks for tagging me, I feel flattered ! <3 <3 <3 So here are the questions... ^^
1)      Why did you create this blog?
There is an interesting story. I have two of my best friends who are far away from me; very rarely we get to talk together, especially for all three of us to have time together. One time, we found each other all available online, one of us was in the library and the only working messenger available there was the Gmail chat. Therefore, I had to sign up Gmail in order to chat and discovered Blogger though Gmail! For the longest time I always use Xanga as my blogging place, but now I have a new additional one and I am pretty happy with it too ^_^

2)      What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow any types of blog that is updated regularly.  I like fashion blogs and makeup blogs and it’s also interesting to see other type of blogs, like recipe blogs, comic blogs ^^
3)      Favorite makeup brand?
My current favorites are…
Eyes: MAC
Lips: Dior
Face: BB Cream ß right now using one that my friend gave me from Taiwan, so I’m not sure the brand. But I recently heard about this brand: Skin 79 ( pic above) from Korea and seems to be really hot all over Asia, so I plan to try it after I’m done with my current bottle ^^

4)      Favorite clothing brand?
Mmmm this one is difficult, if it’s the clothes that I actually buy, I don’t know if I really have a favorite shop. If we’re talking about any brand, then it’s really too hard to choose! If you want to know what types of clothing I find attractive just check out my mag scans section! It is too much to put all the pages in, so I do cut down some pages that I don't find interesting!

20101010_e884de38fab113dd776f3L8JqsgcOL4S.jpg picture by hitomi_meow
Mag Scans

5)      Your indispensable makeup product?
I would have to say eye liner. Usually if I have no time at all to do any makeup, I will at least put eyeliner. Although usually that’s basically the only thing I put on, plus draw my eye brows…& that’s kind of it! That’s why I never use up my makes ups, which at the end I think it is really wasteful & since I already spend the money, why not make myself beautiful? Therefore, I am  currently making a better habit of using my makeup’s regularly!

6)      Your favorite color?
When I was really young, my favorite color was Red, because my favorite story was the “Red Riding Hood”. Later, I start to love pink, like most girls and I still do love it very much… though just recently I start to love red again. I guess for the longest time I felt like red was such an outdated color, I never really buy anything in red… until this holiday season’s red nail polishes came out & now I think red is so hot! Haha
7)      Your perfume?
I’m not really a perfume addict… It doesn’t attract me like makeup does… I do own a few perfume though. It’s been a long time since I bought any perfume because I don’t use it often. One perfume I been meaning to buy, if I ever finish my current bottle is: Dior Addict 2. Both the packaging and the sweet smell attract me so much! <3

8)      Your favorite film?
I don’t know if it’s possible to have a favorite film. When I was young, I used to replay the same movies over and over and still find it very interesting to watch. Now, I only watch the same movie once. If I ever want to re-watch it, it’ll need at least a 5 year gap. I guess the most current ( which is like 5-6 years ago?) movie that I re-watched more than 3 times is the “ white chicks”. It is so funny! I love comedy, and it’s probably the only genre of movie that I can watch over and over again ^^

9)      What country would you like to visit and why?
Japan: I want to go there since I was a baby; I definitely want to check it out sometime soon.
Europe: I forgot what trigger me to want to go there, but I do love the old buildings, everything is so small and delicate. I also would love to visit the museums there and visit the opera houses. Just thinking about it makes me so excited <3
Pyramid at Louvre Museum, Paris, France

10)   Write the last question and answer it yourself
Question: If you have a genie to make a wish what would it be?
Answer: I don’t believe in genies and I think I seriously have too many wishes. However, my most current wish is met Christina Aguilera! & you can actually help me make that happen by playing my recorded song here:

(In case you’re curious… My previous wish was to have Christina Aguilera’s Voice! Hahhaha)

Now it’s my turn to pass this interview to a few bloggers

I'm not sure how many I was suppose to tag, so I tagged 7 bloggers like I did last time ^^ hope you enjoyed the blog & remember to listen/vote for me!! ( Multiple hits very appreciated!) thx a million! <3<3<3

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo