Monday, November 29, 2010

Worst Nickname TAG & Giving Thanks

 everyone ^^ did you had a crazy weekend for black Friday?
I sort of did, but I am sure many of you did crazier things. All I did was shopping in the mall for 12 hours but I didn’t get that many things!! Seriously!  I think I will do some review on the products I got from black Friday soon. ^^ but first, I got tagged on my Xanga site to do a blog about my most ridiculous nicknames, so here it is :

1)      Bomb hair girl – When I was younger, it was harder for me to make friends. When I am at church, I usually stick with my brother ( who doesn’t like me to stick with him, haha) & one day I discover that he and all his friends have this secret paper that they don’t want me to see and they were laughing about it. So all day I was trying to find a way to see the paper and when I finally did, it was a drawing of me with “bomb” hair. (Which for asians at the time meant I was messy n ugly) I feel pretty sad that these older kids find the need to make fun of a little girl (me- about 4-6 years old?! can’t remember haha)
OK.. but no this is HOT BOMB HAIR ^^
2)      Ugly Girl – I don’t know if I was ever really ugly, of course according to my family I always had been pretty ( most of the time) but at school, there are mean girls and they like to make fun of me, simply because I was not as wealthy as them. I hope all mean girls out there know that you might feel superior by bullying others but at the end you are the ugly one because you are hideous at heart (unless you change your ways). ( elementary school)
* no comment *
3)      Retarded- This is not really a nickname I guess, but I was called it by a teacher one time, in front of my face because I just immigrate to USA and couldn’t speak English well. I guess she assume I am retarded because I can’t always respond to her questions… well I hope someday she knows that she is the retarded one. First, it's extremely unprofessional for her to say that to anyone. Second, since we always learn language by listening prior to speaking, I understood everything she said. ( elementary school)
I think this is about it, for all the mean nicknames I received. It’s all long time ago and of course I am way passed it but it’s still in my memory. I hope it’s rarer for adults to receive such nicknames because we’re all grown up now and there is no reason to belittle others for any reason. & as for the kids, I hope they understand that it will only bring them trouble. Either with teacher, parents or themselves, ( for people of anyage) even if no one caught you bullying or calling other bad names, think about the person you are becoming. (<-- which is nothing good and nothing you want your kids to become)
Since it was just thanksgiving, I just want to say a few thanks ^^
·         I am thankful for all my readers! Even though I don’t have that many but all your comments always make me feel happy and motivates me to blog more ^^
·         I am thankful for my family. With family, there’s always the good and the bad, but at the end I still have to be thankful. Without them, I would not exist!
·         I am thankful for my knowledge and talents. Sometimes people take knowledge & talents for granted… Yes we learn ourselves, but we should be thankful for the opportunities to learn it, not everyone has it!
·         I am thankful for this holiday, not every country celebrates Thanksgiving. Even though Christmas is my favorite holiday, a lot of time people think of themselves on Christmas instead of serving others. On Thanksgiving, the only thing you can think about is serving and giving which is the most selfless thing in the world. ^^

So obviously I can go on forever on my thankful list, but I will end here. I am tagging a few people to do the “ Worst nickname list Blog.”

Hope to see some interesting stories from you too ^^

PS: Stay tuned for possible future blogs: Product reviews & GiveAways!!!

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