Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HEAVY PIX updated ! DAY 9/10/11/12

DAY  9/10/11/12
Day 9 A place you went today
I went to Santa Monica Blvd.. the annual Halloween crazy street with lots of gay people haha…  last year I dressed up as a bride, this year I didn’t… So perhaps that’s why last year was fun ‘cause it was the first year that people ask to take picture of ME! This year I think the most fun costumes are the dinosaur, headless man & the invisible man!

headless man!

Dinosaur! it's pretty awsome. but the person inside is so tiring. can't see the front..!

front of the dinosaur! rarr!

firing dragon!

alice in wonderland! there's so many alice in wonder characters but i like this set the best


Edward scissor hands! so cool

doraemon! one of my fav things <3

star track family! awwww <3

Looks like hell. so awsome

( that's not me) This is cool, but they must be tiring. can't even move?

haha.. I guess they really want to be everygirl's dream..!?

love birds

DOMO! lolz idk what those 2 guys r doing

i luv all disney characters


i was little confused when i thought Jesus had a baby.. then realized it's just someone taking pix with him. ha

this is so cool

gay ppl dancing in the store. attracts tons of attention!

SO CUTE <3 & look at the little mario!!!

another headless man!

Day 10 TV show you are currently addicted to
Gossip Girl- currently in beginning of season 3 ~~ I know drama sometimes means = adult situations, but then why do they need to use high school characters? Plus they honestly look way too old for high school students.
Lie to Me – such awesome show. IDK if it’s good or bad thing but made my SO better at reading me!
White Collars – have not watch it for a while, but love it too. I love all things mystery & murder n stuff. XD
Desperate house wives- Of course, in it for the drama. I always say that I want to have Gaby’s appearance and Bree’s cooking skills. =) Still waiting for the newest EP.
Day 11 Your Family Pets
I don’t currently have a pet of my own. But there is a family pet who does not live with me. He's really cute in appearance but really evil at heart! Will upload pix later when I get my usb!

Day 12 what’s currently in your fridge
My fridge…currently it’s very DARK… last night was scary because the electricity went out  couple of streets around my home area & I was going to go out to eat but decided to eat in since we just bought food the night before. So cooking in the dark was interesting… thank God that my phone was in full charged so I can see things. I do have a few candles at home but they’re so dim it’s almost useless… I only had one big candle that was much brighter.. later I went to the store and bought more candles and realized that even candles have “ cheap” and “expensive” versions… the cheap ones are not as bright!!! So yeah until this morning the electricity is still out.. so I bought most of my food to work to store in the freezer!.. lucky me.. sigh.
Alright, that’s all for now  for the 31 days of blogging~~~ & if you want to ask me any questions I will answer them too. <3

 jiya ne.

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