Sunday, November 14, 2010

Case 39 ( 2010) Movie Review

I saw the preview and thought it was going to be somewhat scary. I am the type of gal who isn't scare of horror movies.. Therefore my review might be a bit bias. I didn't think the movie was scary at all. As for quality, I think its ok. The first half was a little bit slow for me. It seems like it was trying to keep some mysterious things going on but it is obvious what is going to happen based on the preview. So I think in this case, the preview made the movie seem slow for the first half.

I do appreciate that they didn't make the death just plain gruesome with body parts, because to me that is just gross, not scary. Instead the way death happen was more creative, it’s good. The length of the movie was also good. Sometimes horror movies are short because there is really no plot. In this case, there is a plot, however it’s not a really complex one so not too much of a mystery there. Overall I gave this movie 3 star. It’s worth watching but I wouldn’t watch it again. (But I rarely watch any movie twice, especially horror movies, since I already know what will happen)

check it out if u r into horror movies ^^

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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