Monday, December 27, 2010

My Beauty Diary Mask Review

hihi. Sorry for the lack of post... I got myself addicted to "Nip/Tuck" over the Christmas weekend ! haha.. In case you don't know it... it's full of drama about these 2 plastic surgeons & there is plenty of sex scenes in every episode. Although, it is still television, so no flashes of private parts, don't worry.. but there is a lot of everything else.. ...

Oh yeah, the mask review, I was thinking to do it after I use the mask for a couple more weeks~ but since I already said in my previous post's replies that I am going to post a review right away~ I already felt guilty enough that I delayed it for the entire weekend! ha. ^^" 

The mask I used was the red wine mask. It's suppose to " whiten, tighten, and have anti-aging effects. " I put the mask on for 30 minutes, afterwards I took it off I feel my skin was smooth and actually felt tighten too! I actually didn't really expect to feel anything since it's only my first try~ so I was pretty happy that i felt the tightening effect ^_^! I don't think the tightening was long lasting though, but I expect the product only to work after a period of regular use. ( also, since I am still quite young, I don't see how everyone can feel strong tightening effects after one mask right?)

 So if I am wrong, & that it's suppose to work right away for a couple of days to a week, let me know!  The packet I have includes all different kinds of masks but most mask include whitening, which is exactly what I want~ So in the future if I do see some changes I will let you know! 

However, currently I am also starting to use the whitening product: 

Dr. Ci: Labo: Super White 377
I received this as my Christmas Present! haha.. I am pretty happy... since I been wanting to tried it, just didn't have a guts to buy them ( even b4 the accident, I'm a cheapo to myself.. haha.. bad! ) But yeah, since I am also using this, I don't know if my future review for the mask whitening will be accurate or not, but if I see effects for anything else, I will let you know! 

So how is everyone doing? What masks do you use? 

 There is still no net for me at work... haha.. suxies.. 

xoxo hitomineko xoxo 

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