Monday, March 21, 2011

Pavan Kalyan Theenmaar Audio Release

Power star Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Kriti Karbandha of rigid ' Theenmaar' Audio was started in Shilpakalavedika in Hyderabad on Monday in presence of the fans. Pawan is seen into bivalent in this film. ' Celebration of love' as the change line for this light impact one terminated. Pawan Kalyan, producer Ganesh Babu, Minister Botsa Satyanarayana, director Jayant C Paranji, Trisha, Nagababu, Allu Aravind, Shyamprasad Reddy, Manisharma, Ali, Bhaskar Bhatla, Australian beauty Joana et al. were at the audio do present. Is here the video of the audio product introduction. The audio product introduction began with Hemachandra, Shraavani, Bhargavi and Venu Gesanglieden of Pawan Kalyan' s ' Khushi' followed of Satish and of troupe' punching achievement. This individual part became from Shivamani' followed; s-musical achievement, which electrified the public. Trisha, which spoke at the event, promised their fans that her with them on Telugu to the 100. Daily function of this film speaks. Nagababu maintained this Pawan despite the Seins the older, in the movie' very young one looked; S-posters and congratulates the crew for the work. It informed that, since Chiranjeevi is in new Delhi to meet to from Sonia to it couldn' t form it for audio product introduction and conveyed its desires to the fans. Newer Ali and Pawan spoke about the stage than Ali placed questions, answered Pawan them. " Fans are the principal reason, why I did this film. When I wanted to do something, which is good for her, I watched out love Aaj Kal in the theatres. I asked over for Jayant Paranji, in order to refer it and we forced Trivikram Srinivas, in order to write the index. Also Ganesh Babu, which produced this film, is a dear friend of me since ' Suswagatham'. I wanted to do something for him, since and therefore decided a long time, in a film to function by him produced. It is the principal reason, why I did this film. I was always shy when shooting. I must my brother Chiranjeevi, my sister-in-law Surekha, Allu Aravind and its mother for me first stimulate to thank. I am not good at the maintenance on the stage. I am sure that all know you. Everything, which I expect, is you people like this film and honestly watches out it and admires mine work." Pawan explained its fans at the audio does.

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