Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bhoomika Chawla wants to give Divorce!

Well-known Tollywood actress Bhoomika connection in the trouble seems it far away. Bhoomika had married 2007 with its Yogaguru Bharat Takur. Sources confirm that Bhoomika divorce aims at soon; the reason for divorce is that Bharath lets an invalid affair of family with one of its wealthy clients run. On the one hand Bharath spoiled also the career of Bhoomika, by he her into the mud of the Mayanagar magazine and into the production house with largest case of pure `Thakita Thakita' pulled; , which was badly bombarded, by letting the crores Rupieverlustes. Unfortunately all made unfruchtbare risks. Then Bhumika and Bharath Thakur went manufacturing a Yogaschule which did not attract clients to Dubai. Bhumika decreased/went back to Mumbai and was seen, social events and parties to worry itself of, which never happened before. Bhomika had a tiff with its husband over the extra marriage relationship, although Bharat tried, Bhoomika' to convince; S-parents that they are straight rumors, she is believed pissed away with him and archived for divorce soon.

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