Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Varun Sandesh New Tilte Priyudu

Varun Sandesh remained never dormant, although he supplies a success or a loss. After beginning its career with `happy Days' , its immediate following film acquired `Kotha Bangaru Lokam it the picture of the Heldes. Afterwards that it did not have a remarkable impact to its credit note. Very recently, its film had `Yemaindi EE Vela to run a calm average specified above and gave it any comfort. He works momentarily on two films. Of the two one referred of Eswar Reddy `of the Mee Sreyobhilashi' - Fame. Another film produces by BRITISH avenues under the direction of Sravan. It learns that the film unit `the Priyudu for the film regards titles. Early there was a gossip, the circulation in an educated manner that `Gallo Telinatlundi for this film is considered. But the unit terminated `Priyudu as the titles. We reports already over this Preethika Rao, sister of Amrutha Rao `of the Atithi' - Play fame the female lead in this film.

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