Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pawan Kalyan to direct Chiranjeevi' Film s-150.!

 Megastar Chiranjeevi is going to behave itself in a film in Pawan Kalyan' sense of s, that' s that reliable sources say. Lately, the star Pawan Kalyan of being able mainly is concentrating on its own films and is increasing their number. People dell' cinematographic industry, that it has observed this, has begun to make circular a voice that things aren' t to regulate before like between Pawan Kalyan and the megastar. The voice of Tollywood says that Pawan Kalyan didn' the t gradice megastar' decision of s in order fusing the party of Prajarajyam with the conference. Thus, Pawan Kalyan has been distanced from megastar and has begun to take to the cure of its own family and films. But this is not to align! What people does not know that Pawan Kalyan has not been distanced from megastar, but is working over in order obtaining ready a powerful history for Chiranjeevi' megastar; film of s 150th. Beyond obtaining the ready history, Pawan Kalyan moreover will take the sense of megastar' film of s 150th. In all the probabilities, Chiranjeevi' megastar; the film of s 150th, to be directed from Pawan Kalyan will be launch this year in itself. Pawan Kalyan already has l' experience in direction of the Johney film in the past.

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