Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chiru Halchal in Pavan's Theen mar

The estimate maar of Theen s is Cr 20! and the straight satellites are sold for a bomb! Cr 8,5 for maa the TV (more on in tfi) that the film is introduced near offers Ravi Kiran. Cinematography: Jaynan VIncent, Co-producer - Siva Babu, converses - Trivikram, music - Sharma Hands and the film that is a film of the code category has a title it Theen total maar that it is a title unexpected it. beautiful, the dint of kushiga any makes an impression theen maar is a title it of the mass of pakka. but look to the title it. .celebration of love… now it loved simply the title it thus like the title it seriously, wonder as pawan different and only and the trivikram they think sometimes! and it leaves obtained pawan' commerce theartical of s over the so-called one puli of the good person to nothing dell' past year that has collected Cr 13,6 in first week with a mixed talk! thus a fall talk has a vigor in order to collect Cr 13,6 is sure elevation of the sopracciglia! the anways of new to the subject theen maar' l' audio of s is making large round @ a circle of industry, sharma of hands that its best gives! and the audio straight is vendendi to the aditya for 1 Cr! and thus theen maar it is making an enormous commerce before the release and the dialouges locked up from the trivikram dell' ace that is a temper between the youth! the babu of ganesh the producer it is not rendering stone unturned for this plan! he' s that palaning in order to free audio on the ventunesimo to an enormous reunion of the fans! the center of the reunion must officially be announced! the main advantages of the film are 1) pavan' double action of s 2) chemistry kalyan of trisha of pavan 3) pavan ' of the little point and the look mass s of dance are a lot musch that it generates the advertising campaign) the jalsa arranged pawan of trivikram the 4 has made wonders so as to hope same will be repeated 5) the alambicchi of the film really are turning the witness thus if theen maar the sure one is freed relative to collect thus at least 13cr in first week over all! the producer is in sure hands! and thus the value goes to 13 (first accumulation of week) +8,5 (straight satellites) cr> of +1cr (audio rights) =22.5; 20cr (estimate of theen maar) thus no doubt the all square and jet, fans has a reason to celebrate

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