Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ranbir wants to marry Katrina ?

 It is clearly visible that Ranbir Kapoor' the center of s has changed of position of the beautiful Katrina Kaif to its present Co-actress in Rockstar, Nargis Fakrhi. What keeps asking itself to us is the reason behind the opening enters both. Here it is why. A source of mirror of Mumbai says that the things have gotten to be very bitter between Ranbir and Katrina. According to one inquires, the actress is exerting pressure exceeds in marrying Ranbir and the beginning his marital life, whereas Ranbir is not still ready for the union. The source also informs that its proximity with Nargis has increased due to Katrina' demand of s in obtaining married before the March of 2012. According to one inquires, Katrina said clearly Ranbir that in years will tie the knot. When Katrina discovered the rumors it was upset and this who these are rotten fragment of information, that they are miles far from the truth and beyond the fiction. The actress said to the mirror of Mumbai, “the people supposed near me that she is saying that these things do not have really any proximity that Ranbir is a friend, but does not have nothing else there. So there is question of my no fracture for above with him or requesting marriage." Well, Katrina, everything on the information are not incorrect. If we tensed in our memories a little, later previous in an interview with the same same newspaper sensationalist you had expressed his desire to obtain hooked by year 2012. On the one hand the source ignited to say that Ranbir was surprised to hear that such demand of Katrina and denied to do for him was too young to obtain hooked. Who knows which is the truth, we can only say to Katrina to take it slow with Ranbir, that knows that it will take him from the same form that he did with the ex--gallant Deepika Padukone.

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