Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mani Ratnam to make movie on AR Rahman’s biography

Jai Ho!! The musical heavy drinking evil permitted AR Rahman first time dialogue formal electricity `AR Rahman: Music spirits the whole release in 2011 April 6th work and they are put and they are put. In compliance with book firing some in compliance with the celebrity who is famous attends and is kept and with the film maker whom does as a favor means the productive person Mani Ratnam will be a reputation. The book which Om publishes in compliance with historian the film which is famous, international, also comes to be used above of the documentary of 80 Nasreen Munni where made Kabir, UK has reserved in the India movie theater for the Channel 4 televisions. She provides the insight which is rare with Rahman private life and his music from this book. That not only no charge CD of the music which composes there is a photograph from the archive which him is personal (8 tracks). Ajay Mago (Om publishers has reserved a international,), " Truly is it the honor which is rare publishes this book said. Most it of the fine artist AR Rahman travels move together and the rubber hour height is the thing. Nasreen Munni Kabir 3 years in last put out recorded this travel. To this book also has the first edition which is and CD where has AR Rahman compositions for the distribution. " Academy award (Oscars), BAFTA and Grammys and AR Rahman 2 winners popular time, modern humane music one man of finance will become known. He started his career composition commercial for the movie theater and the television. But `Roja' (1991) after, Rahman musical geniuses him in order to compose the music for the phased production of Bombay dream, the candle pulled the Andrew Lloyd Webber attentions against. Him in the audience who is on the now west the chart from whole world-wide film `Slumdog Millionaire in compliance with his song " Jai Ho" Is as friend who rises to a total top. That film soundtrack album above of 25,000 copy sells in the opposite side of the world and he justly at is to humanity enjoys a condition.

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