Friday, March 18, 2011

Nag muvi titled Balu weds Mahalakshmi

Let us recall you that film of Chaitanya de Naga the last one directed by Sukumar, presented by Allu Aravind and produced by Bunny Vasu on the banner of arts of Gita, with Tamanna in the main role will be ready for the release very soon. The media continued to draw aside several chatterings on the title of film. The titles as the `my name is You love of the `I of Nenu Naa Mahalakshmi' , of `of the `I t' like Mahalakshmi' , of Mahalakshmi' , and `one said that I am One number considers for film. The last rumour which is on l' to extend in the Nagar film is that the director considers the `Balu Weds Mahalakshmi for film. However, none of these titles n' was officially confirmed. Let us await and observe an advertisement of the director and the producer about the correct title of film.

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