Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nitin Maaro to be releasing soonly

Nitin and Meera Chopra of rigid ' Maaro' its shooting locked recently and is translation for release in April. Popular Malayalamdirektor Siddique referred this project. ' Violently however silent' as the day LINE one decided. Nitin has large hopes on this film, while its career is now in dolldrums after 11 continuous cases of pure. " It is a history boy, who outwits its enemies and its problems with intelligence and timing" solves; the producers maintains. Mamidala Srinivas and Venu M Konda produce it on Sri Rajeshwari film flag. Manisharma exists music for this film. Premadesam fame Abbas played an important role in the film. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ali, Venumadhav, Raghubabu, Chalapatirao, Ramaprabha, Rajasridhar et al. into this illustration are seen. The film is at present with post production work busy and in the next month over AP will release.

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