Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shakti as Om Shakti in Kollywood(Tamil)

One of the heat and the event is held the first role in Tollywood, young Jr. NTR' of tiger extravagance continues Shakti of budget of  the large one is doubled in Tamil like l' OM Shakti, marking the beginning of Jr. NTR in Tamil. L' acoustics of OM Shakti was launched in Chennai Monday. Director P. Vasu launched l' acoustics and gave the first copy to director K.S. Ravikumar. Mani Sharma is the type-setter of music. The film, directed by Mehar Ramesh, has Ileana in so much qu' actor Tamil Prabhu of heroin and veteran in a big role. An entertainer of masala d' action of mass, Shakti was drawn in exotic places from Cairo, Leh, Ladakh and Hampi. The film releases in the whole world, including Tamil Nadu and Kerala on March 30.

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