Saturday, May 7, 2011

Real 'Ragini' to take legal action...

Delhi-based Deepika, whose real life story inspiredthe upcoming film Ekta Kapoor MMS Ragini, on Friday said that if the film is not shown it before itsrelease, it will take legal action against the producer.
"I want to see the movie. I spoke to Ekta about it. Shedoes not want to show it to me, I do not knowwhy?"22-year-old told reporters here.
"I'm going back to the Balaji office now and I can onlyanswer is that the film is not ready. How is this possible? movie is released within a week. If I'm notshowing the film before the introduction, I will takelegal action, " she added
Deepika, who was shown the film script before he was shot, said she wants to see if it was presented inthe right light or not.
"When the film was made​​, showing me the script and read it. I have a problem with the script. But there aremany differences between reading the script andtranslate that on screen. I want to see how theyrepresented my character. Because if something iswrong, that's my picture will be destroyed, "said the girl Delhi.
Ragini MMS, which is produced by Ekta and directed by Pawan Kripalani, you want to hit screens on May 13and is about a couple who go to the adventures of the weekend and get filmed by 24 cameras of someparanormal activity.
Ekta claims that only 30 percent of the film is basedon the incident, Deepika and the rest is pureimagination.
According to Deepika was offered money as compensation for its history, but she refused.
"Ekta asked me if I want to be paid. But it said. Shedid not mention the amount but said she could payme for it. But I told her I do not want anything,because it is the story of my life, " she said.
In real life incident, Deepika said, her boyfriendsecretly recorded the two engaged in intimatephysical contact.

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