Friday, May 20, 2011

Terminator 5 (2012)

Terminator 5 is a continuation of the Terminator: Salvation, starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington as a rebel fighting against the machines in the future.
New reports indicate, the film may be directed by Justin Lin, written by Chris Morgan. They made some recent Fast and Furious movies. So the next Terminator should be terrible.

Various reports will come in the T5. It can be set in the present, with John Connor returns while fighting the machine, it still may be in the future, as in the last movie. Salvation ending (spoiler), John Connor is a heart transplant from playing cyborg by Worthington.Perhaps his new heart will allow him super fighting machine warrior .... This is a film McG, after all.

Salvation, while initially regarded as an error, which resulted in tons on an international scale, with more than 300 million dollars, so it looks like T5 is going, and maybe even a T6. McG said that the next film will deal with time travel, though he did not give many details at this time. He wanted to go back to the roots of the series, with a man coming at a time and runs from the Terminator. It looks like it will be a new kind of Terminator as well, but again, the story details are limited at this time. It should be noted that Sam Worthington has said that they liked to go back to the sequel, which of all the possibilities of time travel, it might be possible.

There is currently no Terminator 5Trailer

Movie release date
2012 at the earliest
who's in Terminator 5 Christian Bale in the T5 is everything, but it is the mostlikely to return along with Bryce Dallas Howard as his wife. Nothing confirmed yet. Further more, rumor has it that Arnold may be in the new Terminator movie, It weeted recently gave the green light to conduct the review by its management team.

Would you like Arnold in the new Terminator movie?Is it necessary?

Intresting fact
Other possible elements of the story may include a return of Sarah Connor and Arnold. In addition, theTerminator, which can be combined with otherapprentices to become bigger, badder terminator. AsVoltron!

3D? Terminator 5 (2012) is in 3D? The new James Cameron film The Terminator has had as a writer, which almost guarantees it will be in 3D. Rumor has it that Cameron is the resumption of the Terminator series of new technology and the nature of the Avatar,so that they can restart the series.

what's good about it?
I like robots i'm not giving McG any more than that
What's bad about it?

McG. McG. McG. McG. He is Putz, who made theCharlies Angels films and the Terminator
Salvation. He is simply a Hollywood hack who seemsmost capable of screwing up movies. Just like BrettRatner, only slightly more successful. His presence in the film is similar to the robot, which is the apocalypse
coming. Everything it touches turns to sh **

Our clever Prediction
If the last crapfest is enough to warrant a sequel, I do not see why it would not be as well. God help us all.

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