Monday, May 16, 2011

Ileana has been hospitalized

Actress Ileana has been hospitalized due to heavy film work . She was busy filming schedules,long-Shakti and movie Nenu Naa Rakshasi.Apparently the long schedule of photos taken toll onher health and she was advised bed rest for severaldays. Ileana's sister Farrah has been updated thismessage to all the twitter Ileana's.

Ileana Tollywood difficult passes, and also inKollywood. Latest Tamil film producer filed a complaint against her, and demanded a ban on her that she did not repay their money before thisTollywood producer Aswini Dutt also complained about her for not participating in the promotion of the film portion Shkthi. Ileana Currently there are no offersin Tollywood.

Meanwhile, some Mumbai tabloids have reported thatIleana is considered a new film in which she will play asiren yestery ears, Mandakini. If the talks fruitful thenIleana in turn, may play an important role in the sequel to Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.

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