Monday, May 16, 2011

Shahid met an accident

It was a busy day on the set of "Mausam"in Shahid Kapoor was injured in a freak accident. And if that's not enough, there were more accidents in store for the team. Here's what happened.
Sasha filming a sequence for his directorial debut,dad Pankaj on sets in Goregaon, Mumbai, when a fewboxes from a Ferris wheel fell on him. Injured hishand and arm very badly. Of course, the doctor was called in to look at the Shahid. Then it seems the doctor had a car accident on the way to harvest.

At night, two more "Mausam crew members were injured when 70-feet-holding has been repaid.

Fortunately that is not worse after that. Shahid andcrew were treated for injuries. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and accident free time to 'Mausam'sets

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