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Veera Movie Review – Raviteja

Veera Movie Review - Review of Veer - Veer Assessment, Telugu Movie Review: Raviteja has been providing successful films in a row, is now back as Veera. The film was directed by Ramesh Varma on Césaire Productions banner. Mr Perfect Mr Kajal and Taapsee played the actresses. Here is a detailed review of Veera ...
Veera (Raviteja) comes in the guise of the security officer to save his sister (Sridevi) family, which is led by a few goons on his bloody past. Veera is a good man who fights for his people. But his sister does not like him, to see how a murderer. Why hide that from her. However, she is to know where her family is brutally murdered by the enemy Veera Rayudu (Pradeep Rawat). Veera loses his wife Chitti Kabaddi (Kajal) and the mother phase (Roja) too. As he avenges the death and saves his sister forms the rest of the family history.
Veera is a routine movie mixed with action, comedy and romance. Ramesh Varma, who previously directed the Eye Ride Oorilo and directed this film, which is much different from his previous films. But it is very similar to hundreds of Telugu films from the past.
Veera head in the eighties kind of narrative of the song-fight-comedy-song-fight ... type of treatment.There is a lack of soul and purpose, to keep the audience glued to the screen. Very predictable and boring plot scenario are the main shortcomings of this movie. Anyone who is familiar with the very patient will also be tested in this tiresome flick that never grabs the boring to the core.
Veera is a mass die-hard fans who like to see severed limbs and arms floating around the screen.Recipients do not like the sensitivity a bit. This is one of the worst movies that are released in recent times, we can say.
Raviteja look without enthusiasm and dull throughout the film. His chemistry with Brahmanandam usually sparkling but lacked bite in Veer. There are two shades to his character and both are very badly done.
Kajal is in order in relation to Taapsee. None of them had no chance to leave a mark. Roja and Divyavani play two important characters, and proved that grow better with age. Sridevi gets her word right. Pradeep Rawat is standard. Similarly, the other bad.Brahmanandam is below average. Ali is right to some extent. Shyam kick but in vain. The rest of the cast had nothing special to mention.
Tehnicalities: SS Thaman music is routine. He repeated very often.If you are just as often he will return soon to the exit door. A few songs are catchy and hum-able though.Abburi Ravi dialogues lacked seasoning. There is no cost to raise a strong character Veera. Chota K Naidu cinematography is fine. Editing by Raju Gowtam is not sufficiently smooth. production values ​​are good. So much money is spent, and that could be seen on the screen.
Ramesh Varma is the Director of the material. His shot-making and framing shows the lack thereof.Reasonable director could have made a movie of it.Given Ramesh Varma is a disaster of it. He should go back to basics if they want to survive in the market.
Plus Points: 
- Raviteja, to some extent - A few songs - Production value
Minus points: 
- Story and Screenplay - Too much blood and gore - Lack of proper comedy - The so-called funny scenes fell flat - Direction
Final Word: Veera - Torture again!

Box office predictions: 
Veera open to the poor harvest in the whole. The talks, from natural disasters and flop, find hard to get back the investment. It has a better chance of mass centers of the time it will be leaching facilities.
Veera Review Rating: 2 / 5 
Banner: Césaire Productions Starring: Ravi Teja, Kajal Aggarwal, Shaam, Taapsee Pannu Editors: K. Venkatesh Marthand Photos: Chota K. Naidu Story: Brothers Parachuri Music: Thaman Producer: Ganesh Indukuri Director: Ramesh Varma

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