Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First poster is looking for Siddharth Raj Kumar

Run your eyes for the first poster and the photos look like Siddharth Raj Kumar, cousin of the young rebelstar Prabhas. Siddharth Raj Kumar will be the lastentity in Telugu cinema Krishnam Raju with the family,as he debut as hero of the film produced by amanufacturer of high Kannada SV Balu directed byGautham Patnaik.

To the surprise of the film Siddharth Rajkumar is made in three languages ​​- Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and something that even his cousin, Prabhas didtoday. Sources say that the film is part of the talkie iscompleted, and the film is ready for release in June or July. So in the end, the author presented the firstposter and the photos look like Siddharth Rajkumarand Video

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