Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Money Money More Money in Hyderabad

JD Chakravarthy's Money more money  is currently shooting in Hyderabad. The unit is shooting scenes on the outskirts of town and did notcomplete the talkie part of this list in the next fewdays. JD Chakravarthy and Brahmanandam are playing main leads in this film, which is a continuation of the movie "Money Money "

JD Chakravarthy, Ram Gopal Varma protégé anddirector of the film, says that there will be only two characters in the film as the previous one and is JDChakravarthy and Brahmanandam. Raghunath andNarender producing the film under the bannerSimhapuri talkie. Other casting includes RajeevKanakala Narasimha, Gajala, Asha Saini (Mayuri), etc. So, hopefully, will give a JD Chakravarthy laugh riot.

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