Friday, May 27, 2011

Blind by Beauty?

Hi Lovelis, How’s your day so far? It’s the weekend now! ( Long weekend too!) I’m excited.. get to finally rest.. but than I don’t know, ‘cause every weekend there’s somehow full of stuff to do~ & this weekend I am going to a birthday celebration~ so~ I am guessing I will still be tired by the end of the weekend! I guess that’s OK too~ I mean if I did get fully rested I would feel my weekend was completely wasted by doing nothing? We can never be fully happy and fulfilled can we?! lol 

Well today, I want to talk about what I heard on the radio today. They were talking about how our Brain Reacts toward attractive people. & this is based on a actual research with our Brain Map activity, not just BS. Basically, if we see an attractive person, we will overlook the Jerk/Bitch the guy/girl is. Initially anyway, than we come to our sense eventually ( hopefully) and see who the person really is. This results in how lots of time more beautiful/handsome people get away with things with school, job, relationships... 



Do you agree with that research? That both male and female brain initially actually reacts the same way toward beauty? Do you find attractive people get away with things easily? Do you let attractive people geta way with things?

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