Monday, May 2, 2011

Ramana Murthy felicitated

Film and stage actor JV Ramana Murthy was felicitated in a function organized by Visakha Sakala Kalakarula Samakhya Vuda Children Theatre on Saturday.
The President recalled the fines look like Ramana Murthy Gireesam in social play Kanyasulkam "by the great poet and writer Gurajada Appa Rao.
Well-known doctor Kootikuppala Surya Rao recalled wonderful performances in films Ramana Murthy with NTR in 1950. Well-known writer and actor Raavi Venkatachalam stage to recall that the role of Ramana Murthy in "Kaal Rathri, lesser-known games was unparalleled. While many actors played the role Gireesam" Kanyasulkam, no one can come anywhere close to Murthy.
L. Satyanand Director recalled that, as Ramana Murthy chose him for the role of the Kanysulkam Mahasam in 1973. "I was lucky enough to work under him for ten years later in his work. I owe my success as coach of the film to its initial guidance," he said.
In reply to congratulations, Ramana Murthy, said the meeting touched upon the actors from "Kanyasulkam. Politely decline the proposal stage actor Siva Jyothi provide some dialogues ever to play, said:" I do not think I'll do justice due to my advanced age.That was my constant effort to ensure that, from childhood, that there is no artifice in my performance. 

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