Monday, May 2, 2011

John Kokken on his experiences in Teen Maar

John Køkken plays the son of Bollywood actor and the older actor Mukesh Rishi in Telugu Teen Maar. His character is that quick-tempered, arrogant, and another brother, who is so blinded by his love for his sister that he saw that his sister is in love with the hero (Pawan Kalyan), very protective.
This is the first film with Pawan Kalyan John. As a child, John had seen a few films with Chiranjeevi as the hero, the first thing that came to his mind after watching Pawan Kalyan was that it looks like Chiranjeevi. On his first day of shooting with Pawan Kalyan, the first shot was John Pawan said, "I will kill you."
John says: "Imagine the situation. I'm new to the plan. Pawan Kalyan did not know sir before in my entire life, and my line" I'll kill you. "I plucked up courage and ready to fire, then went to him and introduced myself. I was tense before the shot, because it is one of the biggest stars in Telugu, the star as he chose me to try several times before with our last shot, which came out perfectly. I'm really grateful for his support and his warm attitude to me. "
John's sister in the film played by Kriti Kharbanda, Bengaluru gal whose debut with the Kannada film Chirru.
John, very happy with his role in the Teen Maar, is very grateful to his manager Ramesh Babu for this film it. Teen Maar was released on 14 April and is still drawing crowds all over Andhra Pradesh. 

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