Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vasu-plan to rope in Paradise Allu Arjun

Vasu Varma, who made ​​his debut with Josh, is planning to direct his second film. Producer Dil Rajuknocked on the door again to produce the film andexpressed his hope that his return from Allu Arjun'sfilm.

Reports claimed that Vasu Varma recently met DilRaju and narrator of the story. producer liked the script and provided for the production of the film. The Director has also asked the manufacturer to get asheet of the invitation to Allu Arjun Raju, who gave the green light, "says the source.

Vasu Varma is still telling the story of Allu Arjun andhe only has to meet the actor, sources of information.Other details are still secret.

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