Saturday, May 7, 2011

Salman's jungle film in 3D!

magine Salman Khan too hot to handle abs. And now imagine that in 3D. Beating the other Khans, Salman decided to go in three dimensions in his next film, Sher Khan.
"First of all, I'm not Tarzan in a movie and it has nothing to do with the character at all. This is adventure based in the jungle," explained Salman Khan for his next effort with his brother Sohail.
While he rejects any link to the famous man of the jungle Sher Khan, the brothers are said to be toying with the idea of ​​making the film in 3D.
Our source told us: "It is an idea Sohail to make it in 3D. But Salman bhai is still in two minds about this. Shooter 3D is very difficult and will be by the standards of special effects are expected in those days, the brothers Khan wants everything to be sorted before taking a final call.
But Sohail is reasonably certain, taking into account its technical efficiency. He is certainly very practical, if his films are concerned. Plus the film is an adventure of the jungle and so fun, watching a movie, if it is in 3D. "
Asked about his skepticism to make the film in 3D, Salman said, "As far as 3D goes, I'm not sure. Definitely thinking about it. However, 3D films have not worked in India and I'm not too sure about the market."
When contacted, Sohail said: "I am still working on the script, and only after the script develops, will be able to decide whether to reach a 3D or not."
Historical fascination with 3D in India comes from the version of action / adventure sci James Cameron-fi, Avatar, in 2009. Stereoscopic film was a breakthrough in the art of film, and so since then, developers have been willing to Bollywood follow in his footsteps.
While most 3D projects fell by two failed to go according to plan. Vikram Bhatt's Haunted, which issued on April 15 for the first time in India next generation of stereoscopic 3D film. And Kundera Shirish's Joker is another 3D movie to be released.Considering that Sallu was professional roll on, we wonder if his brother Sohail will take the final call.

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