Monday, May 2, 2011

Playing with words

Many journalists Telugu adopted for writing texts, dialogues and stories for films. Ravi Kumar is one such film journalist, who used his name as an alias Bhaskar Bhatla and was one of the first writers to go to the movies.
"A lot of people's attention that since I was a journalist in the film I took to writing films, but the fact is that the film be a writer took up a Telugu film journalist says Bhaskar.
Bhaskar Bhatla says talent is not enough to get the projects, you must have a good reputation deadlines, answering phones and responding to messages immediately. It may not be best writers in the field, but the producers approach you because they are readily available, have a good relationship, and also because they may be prohibited and inconvenient communication with the older writer.
He says he has a loyal customer base and what is for him is not a ranking, but it is to be cast on time and whether he is deriving satisfaction from work. Bhaskar is wanted from their texts and terminology. He uses everyday language, used mainly by young people. Tends to be the language used by the inhabitants in various counties.
Writer is happy to give movie lovers thumbs down to a double entender texts of the last ten years, and attributes to increase spending on education, awareness, understanding and exposure to philosophy, poetry, and its new expression.
"I was not embarrassed by writing padahare navauysu.ninda Ippatikinka for Pokiri, directors tell us to add the masala. You can give them what they want, not raw. The writer, however, with no movie theater," he avers. He has worked with Puri Jagannath to 15 films in the line aa.
After summing up his 700th Teen Maar song, Veera and Kandireega, undertook the task to fresh Madatha Kaja, Kodi Punju, Damarukam, film and design Nageswar Balakrishna Reddy's. 

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