Saturday, May 7, 2011

No one supports the star like Salman is not

It is high time for actors to take the cue from Salmanis handling his star status. Unlike many actors who have put so much effort in order to sell, Salman never got in his way to sell up. His mantra is the same has become one of the most exclusive brands in theindustry, and the only pull factor is multiplied by theyears.

So, what makes it such a big star Salman? In fact, thepopularity of Khan surpasses any other in the industry.Recently, when Salman was asked to explain the mystery that keeps the stars in a constant high, the actor said: "I believe that the secret lies in being true to yourself. I never saw fame as a restriction on theimplementation of tasks. I do what I wanted do. In factI do everything I did when I was not a star. "

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