Monday, May 2, 2011

Fast and Furious 5's Justin Lin has been linked to the new Terminator film and roumour has it the original cast could well be called up for a time-travel twist in the tale.

After a well received, but so-so Terminator Salvation, it is doubtful whether the series does not see any further installments despite the clear possibility of plotlines that could be used.
But it seems that the T5 will be on the road, under the directorial eye of 5 Fast and Furious director Justin Lin. I see a pattern.
FF5 was released in cinemas in the UK last week and actually fared better than expected, leading to Lin's film company is coming to take over the new Terminator film and give it a new vision Pacificor.
"Pacificor came to me. They had an idea, but I think a lot of studies do not go for it," said Cinemateaser. "So they came back to me and said you have an idea, I said, I have an idea."
Lin is not forthcoming with much detail, what his idea, but to the ears of some of the former governor of California seems to be moved.
"Technology has increased so much that the whole idea of ​​gluttony," Lin continued. "You get carried away, because you have a camera can have it out the window. The Terminator, I do not want to make a film that is all show. I want to support the human factors. If you have no humanity, it all becomes just work."
From the sounds, Lin will be returning to the series of history-based roots, when James Cameron focuses on the story, not how much the state of artistic effects and put it on display. Rumor has it began to circulate that not only Arnie can be involved in the project, but it may feature in the starting line first story, which will take place between T2 and T3. Now if he could take off that feat, Terminator fans and critics to worship him as god. 

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