Sunday, May 8, 2011

80 crores loss from piracy: Producer

Pirated version of almost all films released in the current season (Mirapakay, Ala. Modalindi, Golconda High School, Oh For Pellanta, Gagan, Mr. Perfect, Prema Kavala and Theenmaar) are available online, and the losses incurred by the filmmakers because of piracy is estimated at Rs 80 crores and can go further.
"Even without this (piracy), the film industry going through bad phase, only 5 of 42 releases from January to May is good. These days, only 20-30% of the audience goes to the cinema to watch movies, while others prefer to watch movies at Internet, which has now become very cheap, "said the Telugu Film Producers Association," the secretary T. Prasanna Kumar.
"Movies can be downloaded to a CD and play on TV for better effect. With more and more young people experienced the Internet, by downloading them from torrent sites or streaming," he added. Prasanna Kumar suspicion that the new movies are released abroad and images from the cameras are placed on the Internet.
places where it is easy to make a movie in the cinema is Dubai, London, Malaysia and Singapore. He said that the government turned to the film industry, in order to provide Rs. 12 crores, so that you can block these movies on the internet in India. But although the industry was willing to pay, has been taken in this direction so far. He said that the industry will once again make the presentation by the government to speed up the process.

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