Sunday, May 8, 2011

15000 guests at Jr. NTR's wedding

Can you say, the number of visitors who came to Jr NTR-Lakshmi Pranathi wedding will take place in HITEX, Hyderabad at 2:41 on Friday? According to sources, the actor was married, in the presence of more than 15,000 visitors, 12,000 is just a fan. WOW!
NTR mania is not the end. Marriage was a live television on all regional programs and was set to the background score specially composed by music director Arjun and feathers and Amaraneni Vasantha Venkat Ramakrishna.
Besides, the minute to minute updates are posted on the about everything from NTR Jr place of residence, home of the bride to the wedding and data sets with expensive gifts from fans, the VIP list and served food.
K.V.A. Ramreddy, NTR fan from East Godavari district, specially designed wedding coconuts and sent them to NTR. GS Bhagawan with Mandapeta in the same district, but an opportunity to compere the wedding. State gifted wide NTR fans associations "a huge portrait of Lord Venkateswara Swamy their favorite celebrities on the eve of his wedding. Portrait, embedded in American diamonds, was designed by artisans in Thanjavur, within 20 days. While a few fans danced in the celebration and enjoying the food, the most famous recording time spent on their cell phone cameras, when they came to the place of the red carpet style.

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