Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not a Love Story is anything but a love story: RGV

Ram Gopal Varma Videos are drenched in reality and have unique content that makes the film criticscall it a genre RGV. Coming soon to this species is RGV is not next to Love Story, which will repeat the in famous case of Neeraj Grover murder on the screen. RGV previously called the movie A Love Story, which his fans have been expressed in opposition to the film maker, the earlier titles.Rakht Charithra, Bhoot, Daud and other titles of RGV films are reflecting the energetic content of the films.

When RGV was asked about the title of the movie, said no Love Story is not a story about love. He also said that the film has little to do with love, but expose the demons inside the human mind. MahiGill, Deepak and Ajay Gehi Dobriyal will play three major roles of Maria Susairaj, Neeraj Grover and Jerome Matthew. RGV even planned to make a film in the same complex of flats where the Neeraj Grover was killed and hacked to pieces, was dropped on national roads. RGV talk ended by expressing curiosity about the mind couple who will murder and carefully hack the human body into pieces with a knife butcher.

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