Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding... & Pop Teen Mag Scan

Hi Lovelies~ How are you doing? I been a little bit tired lately~ but I tried filming this youtube video yesterday.. It’s my first time doing a video and I still haven’t have time to figure out how everything works yet.. haha.. so stay tuned for my video!! <3

I’m going to rambling a little about Kim Kardashian.. if you’re not interested.. just skip to the end for the mag scan.. hahha

I am curious about the Kim Kardashian’s wedding plans. I mean we all know she got engaged. But I can’t help and feel like she’s doing it because of her sister. I am not saying that she doesn’t love Kris I just think people can be influenced by others, especially people close to them.

With Khloe gotten married so soon after she met Lamar, I think Kim feels like she can do the same?

& Another thing is I always find a little weird when people are dating someone who have a name that is really.. “fitting” ( I don’t know how to say this). For example, when Paris Hilton dated a guy name Paris, I guess the media just made it sounds like they are really going to end up together.. just because they’re both name “ Paris”?

As for Kris, he just happens to have the same name as Kim’s mom.. ( weird?) Also, I personally never seem any guy’s (Chris) name start with K. & we all know that the Kardashians really love “K” with everyone’s name starting with “K”..


& as many people had mentioned over the net, no on really knows this Kris guy from NBA... Kim is definitely more famous than him.. & well.. prettier than him too!!! ( I know I am comparing a guy with a girl, but you know what i mean..) I guess so far I don’t feel good about the relationship because Kim has dated so many people. & she’s so in love each time.. and have married before.. of course I hope they would stay together for a life time as true love. but I won’t really bet on it ~ 

 * * *
Last but not least.. today’s PopTeen Mag Scan ...

Do you care about Kardashian News? 
Your View on Kim’s Wedding?
 What’s your fav Mag Scan so far? 

Good Night Lovelies <3 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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