Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Existing film certification system will be scrapped: CBFC Chairperson

Central Board of Film Certification chief Leela Samson said that the current film classification system is no longer for a method more suited to today's trends. Samson spoke at a conference organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and CBFC. The conference, titled "Samvad CBFC 2011", was organized to collect Censor Board officials and filmmakers, on contentious issues to them.
Many Bollywood biggies and award-winning documentary filmmakers, who had a number of controversial turns to his name involved in the incident. The veteran filmmaker Ramesh Sippy recalled the problems with censorship in the certification of the legendary film Sholay. Sippy said the censors demanded to change the climax, because she felt that violent. That Sippy said, killed his intended effect of the film.
Award-winning documentary film maker Anand Patwardhan, known for her works, which reflect the major problems in India, said that to fight a legal battle for all of his documentaries. Director Anurag Kashyap said that the Censor Board has been suppression of creative filmmakers with a completely irrelevant today.
In response to these opinions, the CBFC Chairman of Leela Samson said that the Censor Board official work is complicated, and he must be sensitive to all the problems in our country, which could become controversial if it is visible on the screen. Leela Samson also said that the current system of certification of film gives way to the new system, more suited to the changing trends in society.

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