Sunday, April 17, 2011

Theatres told to ensure ticket rate should not greater than Rs. 25

Joint Collector Neetu Nalgonda Prasad said Friday at a meeting with representatives of the Directorate of theater that the price of movie tickets for theaters in Nalgonda should not be greater than R. 25, as has already been addressed by the administration.
Joint Collector has asked the Directorate of theater to produce letters of permission of the court, if a higher bid for the ticket.Revenue has asked officials to carry out checks to ensure that cinemas security letters permit the court, and to maintain hygiene.Hopes that the public should not be burdened with high fees for parking.
Neetu Prasad suggested the boards of the theater auditoriums to sell food at fixed prices. She directed the Department of Labor, to check the implementation of minimum wages for workers cinemas.She asked the boards of 20 of 56 theaters in the non-renewal of licenses and asked the Revenue to take action against those who fail to do so within a week.
Mean while, district president of the Association Multikino C. Govardhan said the managements were experiencing financial difficulties in ensuring the ticket price at Rs. 25 for each person, and that the rates have not increased over the past ten years in relation to price increases. The difficulties pointed out, was due to the increase in diesel costs and higher energy tariffs. He also suggested that the validity of the movie theater should be changed to five years instead of one year now. 

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