Saturday, April 16, 2011

Teen Maar: Trisha:love is every where

Teen Maar is a remake of Hindi Love Aaj Kal that Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan. Now, some information is now on our way, we can step into the theater and soak in the magic of the cinema Telugu after a long time. Pavan Kalyan is Michael Velayudham who cooks Italian food, Italian food and it tells what is passed off as Italian, chases skirts in Cape Town and drives a Mercedes coupe open. Everything changes after bumps Michael Meera Shastri (Trisha), in the elevator, and after a few drinks at the pub, smooch before sunset, pops stereotype: "Coffee, tea or me?"They are confident that they do not get married and they are just friends. Sounds new? Yes. But what is the movie beyond the obvious story is the treatment and the style of narration.
When Michael and Meera romance is at the end, in steps of a stranger Paresh Rawal, who goes into a flash back of Michael impersonator named Arjun in Kashi (Varanasi). A friend starts a flawless love he saw when his friend recommended a girl thirty years ago.
The complex statement of love, is love, and now, it is not only a commentary on social mores, but also on aspects of love. Although Michael could meet and kiss the girl on a first date and the terms that border on playboy-kitsch, it is not beyond seeing the other side of love. And when a friend starts to talk about love Arjun at different ages, which meant just looking at the woman and not even after it says it is hearing.
Between apostasy and the apotheosis of love is clear, the man who pulled in every direction.

Pavan Kalyan is held, as usual, manners and dance steps, but itintroduces new ideas and what we have is a soft version of Pavan.Although her role is not as well regulated as Deepika in Love AajKal, Trisha exceeds doll role initially essays. She lets her eyes do not speak. Paresh Rawal is a riot as a meddlesome intruder. Aliappears on the screen, which is a blink and miss role and creates alaugh fest.

This film is different from an opportunity to treat the multiplex, so be careful, because this film may not appeal to people who areaccustomed to the standard fare dished out by the directors ofTelugu cinema.

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