Saturday, April 30, 2011

Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn to Return for "Terminator 5"?

We already know that "Fast Five" director Justin Lin, the city will be pitching the fifth "Terminator" movie that Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to star.

Still not a script, but Latino Review just found out that in addition to Schwarzenegger, the entire original cast returns as well. The sitewas unable to get any names, but it is assumed that their sourcewas talking about Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn.

Since the new movie is supposedly taking place in the present, itis difficult to imagine that Edward Furlong will return to play JohnConnor.

To find out if there is any truth in this, AITH reached Biehn, whosaid he knew nothing about it. actor may lie or Kyle Reese can not fit into the new storyline. Stay tuned.

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