Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taunted Police Arresting Nic Cage

Sources close to Nicolas Cage tell TMZ ... Nothing was arrested in New Orleans this morning after daring the police to arrest him aftera famous quarrel with his wife.
Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Nothing was "verydrunk" on the street n º When the taxi driver saw him loudly arguingwith his wife, Alice.
We were told a taxi driver called the police and said, in addition toscreaming and yelling ... he saw nothing to push.

We were told the police came and said nothing and his wife simplygo home. Then the police allegedly told Nic, "Why do not you justarrest me? " The police subsequently reiterated that he and his wife should just go home. "Cage then repeated dare to police.

At this point the police took nothing in custody, and charged him with ... domestic violence and disturbing the peace.

Our sources tell us nothing is still in custody and bail hearing will beheld shortly.

We are also told his wife nothing is witness to complain and do not want to charge - and said that there was no physical contact.

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