Saturday, April 16, 2011

Silent Hill comming to theaters in 3D version

For skeptical at first eyed the continuation of the successfuladaptation of the video game "Silent Hill" (2006), Silent Hill:Revelation 3D are now a lot of new pictures have emerged. Giventhe current advert casting skepticism gives way slowly to the quiethills Fanlager because there are two new photos, including showthat the unofficial nature of the mascot from the "PyramidHead"could indicate that. Mason is also a new picture of Heathercame out in support, and adjust images in the shopping center, the social network "Facebook" - the latter regard, we thank you for you, "Spor.

Update: The first link to an image has been updated and two new images.

Michael J. Bassett, "Solomon Kane") increases (in the director's chair and have the audience through the quiet town of Silent Hill to lead Adelaide Clemens ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine".) HeatherMason andthe embodiment Kit Harington ( the "Gameof Thrones"on HBO), whose role is still unknown, standing alongside RadhaMitchell (". Crazies "), Sean Bean (" James Bond - GoldenEye "),Deborah Kara Unger (" 88 Minutes "), Carrie-Ann Moss ("MatrixTrilogy") and Malcolm McDowell ("Heroes, " "Halloween (2007)")complete the cast. Samuel Hadid and Don Carmody horror in 3Dproduction, "Lions Gate" is sold by. cinemas has not beenannounced, speculation for February 2012 year.

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