Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Source Code Movie Review

Hi Lovlies, as promised, a Movie Review for Source Code.
I realized I haven't been watching any trailers lately, 'cause I didn't even know about source code until people are telling me they want to watch it. So yeah, I watched it. haha without knowing what it is about. 

I actually like the idea of watching a movie without any knowledge of the plot, it makes the movie more interesting. Though, the plot was quit simple and you know what's going on very soon into the movie. I feel like it's not a high budget film, but the good thing is that it did not sacrifice the quality of the movie. 

Basically, the main character is "forced" to try to save a train full of people & he needs to do it over & over until he actually accomplish the mission. According to the movie, it is not time travel, but it is " source code" I didn't listen too carefully what it really means, but it's just a movie... so yeah.. haha

I think it's a pretty good movie to watch, I rate it 4 stars. The movie is not that long, everything moves quickly and to the point. I won't spoiled the ending but I have to say it's not a "perfect ending" as the movie is trying to make it to be... not for "everyone" anyway.  The plot is simple but there are some twist to it, it's worth watching! ^^

What would you do if you have 8 minutes to live? ( from the movie)

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