Friday, April 22, 2011

Satya Sai Central Trust's future uncertain

Good roads, colleges, super specialty hospital, an indoor stadium and the airport. Puttuparthy, Satya Sai Baba House is a small town with devices underground shame of India. 

But Sai Baba's health-critical, the future is uncertain Satya Sai Central Trust for which Sai Baba runs an empire of nearly 40,000 crore rupees. 7-member board includes Sai Baba's nephew RJ Ratnakar, a former IAS officer K Chakravarthy, a scientist and former CVC G Venkataraman SV Giri. But in these uncertain times, with whispers of conflicts, usually try to calm the trustees say anything good. Sai Baba's nephew and trust member RJ Ratnakar, said: "It is unfortunate that at a time when we are facing a serious crisis, there has been a series of defamatory statements referred to media groups. Allegations are completely untrue, motivated and are made only to confusion in the minds of faithful, as well as defamation of trustees and secretary of the trust that has been carefully selected by Bhagavan Baba "
There are some who argue that the accounting system Satya Sai Central Trust is ambiguous. While all of its services are free, critics say that no body knows how the money is issued to the trust and how donations are used. And despite the denials of the Government of Andhra even sent five members of the team Puttuparthy for talks on financial matters. 

Geeta Reddy, Minister for Heavy Industries, AP Government and a member of the Coordination of care for Sai Baba. Geeta Reddy said that the best treatment is given and you could hear in the media that a woman getting worse, so I asked to see the woman, and I assure him after seeing his condition is improving and we believe that he has permission to treat himself. One thing is certain, however, for hundreds of thousands of faithful who come to Puttuparthy, Sai Baba, an appeal can not disappear.Is aac Burton Tigrett founder of the Hard Rock Cafe, 300 crore rs gave Satya Sai create a super specialty hospital in 1991 and remains a devotee. He will not speak on camera but says he will continue to puttuparthy forever. 

With Sai Baba in critical condition, a big question mark now hangs over the multi-crore enterprise spiritual Swami, who once predicted he would live until the age of 96 years

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